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Is There A Career In Being You?

Doing what you like is interesting. Others dream is to successful writers. Your passion dictates what you want to write about. Different writers will write on various things. As much as the term doctors is general term that is used to refer to a certain people practicing within a certain profession the term writers is also a general term. Choose the area that you want to specialize in when you want to start writing. Is your passion in the pop culture, fiction, plays with satire or it might even be the fancy screenwriting. This can all be possible. Others will not have a particular area of specification but rather they will write about everything. What you consider interesting, to someone else that can be incredibly boring. To others reading about evolution might make the very bored but to someone else this is what would keep them busy, and they would find it very interesting. write what is interesting to you. Almost every content that you read about has its audience.
We are all different in our ways, and also our interest in the contents that we write will vary and what I might find interesting is not what you would as well.

Make your ideas to be unique as you write. For example if what you want to write about is about your life, the experiences and also your views then you have to be coming at these issues from a different point of view, it can be a challenge, for example, to write about your shopping experience in a market. But if you write it in the form of a story about the lesson you learnt and even add on how you did your purchasing to save some cash, this would definitely work. Also the process of doing your writing is important. Follow the blogs and comment on some of the interesting things that you read and then you build a relationship. Then from here you can look into publishing your essays and even memoir. This is very easy to do nowadays, and therefore you will not require a publishing deal with a company because you can be able to self-publish. You can even graphic design your book cover. Use Twitter so that you can do your marketing.

Through the blogs you can also be able to learn. They have a collection of samples of writing that you can use as guidelines, then from here you can tag the essays, your thoughts and any opinion to many websites or even blogs that will accept them. Be positive and wait for your writing to be established, but even if this does not happen, rest assured that somebody somewhere is reading and waiting for your personal experience so that they can read it.

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