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The Relationship between Stress and Your Oral Health Stress also have an impact on the immune system. When one is stressed up the immune system becomes weak. Disease causing organisms or germs are prevented from entering the body by the use of the immune system. Reduction in the number of white blood cells in the body is going to increase your chances of contracting oral infections since your immune system has grown weak. Stress also weakens the body by killing the body cells. Stressed up people don’t eat well. Stressed up individuals don’t eat well. Nutritional deficiency diseases may come up as a result of lack of food nutrients. Lack of vitamins and proteins will expose one to oral infections. Stress also causes poor oral hygiene. A stressed up individuals are not even thinking about cleaning themselves since they have a lot of activities running through his mind. Brushing their teeth and removing food particles may not even be in the schedules. As this is going to provide the ground for the bacteria which may cause teeth diseases.
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Stress also causes dry mouth. You will always suffer from the dry mouth during periods that you have stressful event ahead of you. This causes lack of saliva in your lips. This will expose you to many oral infections as saliva has many benefits in the body. It is utilized in the process of digestion in mixing food particles in the mouth, and it also contains essential enzymes that digest the food nutrients. Absence of food nutrients in your immune system will mean that your body will be unable to fight germs.
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Another impact of stress on oral health is that it causes gum disease. Stress weakens stress weakens the immune system which fights germs in your body. This will make your body weak to the extent that it cannot even fight a simple bacteria. Th gum will become weak and start bleeding as a result of being eaten by the bacteria. In the fact that you were suffering from gum disease before this will worsen its condition. Cleaning gum is severe when it is painful. It also causes grinding of teeth. Stress makes you grind your teeth without your knowledge. You not only rub your teeth during the day but also at night. Grinding of teeth may cause dislocation of jaw and other teeth related infections. Mouth Scores are experienced as a result of stress. Mouth sores are caused by lack of vitamins and proteins in your diet. A person suffering from stress has insufficient vitamins and proteins in the body since he/she does not eat properly.

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